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Because Safe Driving is NO Accident!

We teach our students safe, responsible driving techniques and practices.
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About Us
Eugene's Driving School is situated in Gonubie, near East London and is a K53 compliant driving school. We teach inexperienced drivers to a high standard and we are confident in producing excellent drivers that are safe on the road. We have helped hundreds of students pass their driving tests and our driving lessons are tailored towards the individual, as we believe each student is unique in learning to drive.
  • Basic driving skills
  • Freeway¬†and city driving
  • Parallel parking
  • Alley docking
  • K53 based preparation
  • Road test preparation
  • Yard test preparation
  • Correct vehicle checks
Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Accredited Driving School


Eugene’s Driving School is accredited according to traffic laws and will prepare you to be a safe, confident driver.

Driving Basics


When you first start learning to drive, it can seem overwhelming. We will take you through all you need to know.

Road Test Preparation


Practice makes perfect! We will make sure you are totally prepared for your road and yard tests.

We Offer

Lesson Options

  • 1 Hour Lesson at R200
  • 10 X Hour Lessons at R1800
  • 15 X Hour Lessons at R2700
  • 20 X Hour Lessons at R3600
  • 25 X Hour Lessons at R4500
  • 30 X Hour Lessons at R5400
  • Pickup from home or work
  • Car hire on test day: R350
  • 1 Hour Lesson at R250
  • 6 X Hour Lessons at R1320
  • 10 X Hour Lessons at R2200
  • 15 X Hour Lessons at R3300
  • 20 X Hour Lessons at R4400
  • 25 X Hour Lessons at R5500
  • Pickup from home or work
  • Truck hire on test day: R500